Media and HIV: Guidelines Compliance and Framing Practices of Journalists in Cebu

  • Jefferson M. Cruz, MMS University of San Jose-Resoletos


This research aims to examine the guidelines compliance of print journalists in Cebu in HIV/AIDS reporting. The study also evaluates their framing and data gathering practices and challenges. There is a phenomenal increase in HIV cases in Central Visayas, and the role of the media in responsible reporting becomes crucial in educating the public on the epidemic. The result of this qualitative research through text analysis of published articles and in-depth interviews with journalists, editors, and academicians shows that most journalists comply with the guidelines; however, some still use inappropriate terms. Moreover, data gathering and treatment of the story become more challenging because of privacy concerns. How journalists frame and pursue HIV/AIDS stories rely on their thorough understanding of the reporting guidelines and the people living with HIV/AIDS.

Author Biography

Jefferson M. Cruz, MMS, University of San Jose-Resoletos

Jefferson Cruz is a full-time instructor at the University of San Jose-Recoletos where he finished his Master’s Degree in Media Studies. He has also completed the American English Teacher Trainer Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and delivered by Arizona State University. Aside from teaching, he also serves as the adviser of Josenian Communication Society, the official student organization of Communication students in USJ-R, and the Faculty-in-Charge of Josenian Campus Radio, the laboratory radio station of the school. Before joining the academe, he worked with a Cebu-based magazine and resorts in Cebu.